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they averted major crisis against this is bbc news — welcome if you're watching here in the uk, the russian press and in exchange on pbs in america or around the globe. the russian press and in exchange the turkish president got some i'm mike embley. language on terrorism that although our top stories: it was not enough for him it would satisfy him the moment. they made legal experts in the trump impeachment inquiry give their verdicts on whether he should some moves to declare space a new be removed from office. operational domain for nato try and meet the challenge there. they if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. buried some of the disagreement they i'm concerned about lowering progress with others. they declared impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence china a potential challenge and worry. behind all this, donald trump and an abundance of anger. was, as he is so often is, a key player who castigated members not chinese tech giant huawei reveals paying enough for their defence and plans to challenge american sanctions, and relocate its research operations from the us to canada. france braces itself for severe pointedly invited to lunch those who disruption as the biggest national met the spending criteria set by strike in years gets underway. nato. and i think this meeting was typical of the sort of international
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and it's being hailed gatherings we have come to expect in as a game—changer in the global the trump area. democracies falling fight against typhoid — a new vaccine programme is launched in pakistan. out with him and, frankly, any sort of world order under a great deal of pressure. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: christmas around the corner, we'll hear how one little shop in wales has taken the internet by storm with its own bit of humble festive magic. 3 experts in us constitutional law have testified to congress it's quite clear that the worst that there is no doubt victims of this disaster president trump's actions require him to be are the poor people living removed from office. in the slums which have sprung up the 3 scholars, picked by the democrats, described around the factory. mr trump's efforts to get i am feeling so helpless, help with re—election — from a foreign government — that the childrens are dying as a crime, and accused him of obstructing justice. a fourth expert, picked in front of me and i by mr trump's own republican party, can't do anything. said his actions were troubling and wrong, but not impeachable. the bbc‘s nada tawfik was on capitol hill for the judiciary committee hearing. charles manson is the mystical leader of the hippie cult suspected of killing sharon tate and at least another historic step six other people in los angeles. in the impeachment inquiry, as it moves to the judiciary committee. a new room, a new set of members and witnesses, and the ultimate question —
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did president trump commit an impeachable offence? at 11am this morning, just half a metre of rock separated britain from continental europe. it took the drills just so help you god. four constitutional a few moments to cut scholars were called in to give their analysis. through the final obstacle. then philippe cozette, three of the legal professors were emphatic that the president had a minerfrom calais, to be held accountable for putting his personal interest was shaking hands and exchanging in re—election above flags with robert fagg, his opposite number from dover. the nation and its security. professor feldman, did president trump commit the impeachable high crime and misdemeanour of abuse of power, this is bbc world news, based on that evidence and those findings? the latest headlines: based on that evidence and those impeachment proceedings findings, the president did commit against president trump enter an impeachable abuse of office. a new phase, with us legal professor karlan, same question. same answer. experts arguing over and professor gerhardt. whether there are grounds we three are unanimous. to remove him from office. chinese tech giant huawei has announced plans to hit back in what was always going to be against us sanctions and relocate another display of partisan theatre, some of the most direct punches came operations from the us to canada. from the witnesses themselves. if what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. a new vaccine against typhoid is being described as a game—changer which could prevent thousands of deaths.
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in pakistan, nine million children are being immunised after a major professor pamela karlan criticised the ranking republican outbreak of typhoid — on the committee, and his suggestion which is resistant to nearly every antibiotic. that the process had been unfair and devoid of damning evidence. our medical correspondent fergus walsh reports. safe and effective, this new typhoid vaccine is urgently i read transcripts of every one needed in pakistan. of the witnesses who appeared in the live hearing, schoolchildren in karachi are among because i would not speak millions of youngsters about these things without reviewing the facts. there being immunised. so i'm insulted by the suggestion that, as a law professor, they need protecting because, i don't care about those facts. once infected with typhoid here, there is only one antibiotic left professorjonathan turley, that works, and if that fails, the sole witness called by republicans, disagreed. he said there was not a clear case death rates would soar. against the president. i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit typhoid is a highly contagious a paucity of evidence bacterial disease which infects up and an abundance of anger. to 20 million people i believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard worldwide each year. of past impeachments, but would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments. it is largely a disease of poverty, spread through poor sanitation and dirty drinking water. symptoms include prolonged fever, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. it causes up to 160,000 despite the legal arguments, this deaths every year. is ultimately a political process. a major trial of the new vaccine
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it is likely democrats will move in nepal cut cases by more than 80%. forward with articles of impeachment, with a full vote in the house as soon as christmas. the same success is hoped for in pakistan. but, if the president is impeached, then his fate will rest firmly crucially, it is the first typhoid in the hands of his republican vaccine which can be given to babies allies in the senate. from nine months of age. professor corey brettschneider. teaches constitutional law and politics at brown university and he's written a book on "the oath the new typhoid vaccine and the office: a guide was developed by scientists to the constitution in oxford over the course for future presidents". i pointed out he wasn't a fan of more than a decade. of trump, but neither was the legal we filmed the first trials scholar the republicans chose there, six years ago. and expertjonathan turley didn't after being immunised, think there was enough evidence. these healthy volunteers had to drink a solution of typhoid bacteria, a vital test remember, this is the best witness, best scholar that they could bring of the vaccine's effectiveness. forth to argue on behalf of the president — that selflessness was not a defence of the president. is now saving lives. typhoid only infects humans, so the ambition in the very long term would be to try to eradicate he just said there's not enough the disease, which has been causing evidence yet to show there was a high crime death and misery for thousands of years. and misdemeanour. fergus walsh, bbc news. and he also said — left open the possibility that that might happen, and urged the process to just go more slowly. that's not a ringing endorsement of trump, and that's the best that they could do. it leaves open the possibility, even on his view, that more evidence
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would show that this nationwide transport strikes president should be removed. have begun in france. but i was disappointed people face days of disruption with that testimony, in what could be the biggest strikes because we have an enormous for almost 25 years. amount of evidence showing unions have called the action that there was a trade here for — in protest at government plans to the ukraine in exchange to overhaul the retirement system. for personal information rich preston reports. onjoe biden. the president requested that 90% of high speed and regional information in exchange for aid to the ukraine, and that to me trains will be affected, according to the country's rail operator, meaning problems travelling and commuting is clear evidence the other way. for thousands of people. translation: i live outside is the fact, do you think, of paris but work in paris. that the president's own party for many people, it will be brought on professor turley to say really complicated. this a sign that their grounds for defending the it is annoying, i hope the strike will not continue, president are shifting? i don't support the protests. absolutely, i think that's extremely insightful. remember, in the beginning, commuters have been making they were saying there is no quid pro quo, and they were trying alternative plans for getting to work, and with air traffic to argue the facts. and after you saw those controllers joining the strike, civil service heroes, people like fiona hill international travel will also be affected. and david holmes, who really laid easyjet says it's cancelled out the case against the president and made clear what that more than 200 flights. whistleblower had shown business owners are worried with the readout of the phone call, the strikes will hit that there was this extortion their bottom line. or bribery, or trade, certainly, they have to shift ground. so now they're trying to argue translation: i will retire soon that the narrow statutes, for instance, of bribery so i think the strike is great, haven't been met. but i don't think it's good to hold
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but i thought pam karlan did an excellentjob today of refuting it at this time of the year. that by saying this is really business is already difficult. about abuse of power, we had 19 weeks of yellow vest and the meaning of bribery within the constitution is also about abuse of power. protest, now we have strikes. and certainly she showed in her closing argument, france has seen a series and i think it was a terrific of demonstrations over the last two closing argument, that that standard months against emmanuel macron's has been met in this planned pension reforms. translation: the government's impeachment inquiry. aim is very clear. to contribute to the impoverishment of the pensioners of tomorrow who are today the employers he is not going to be impeached, who drive the economy though, professor, is he? not at a trial in the of the country. republican—controlled senate. so is this really about trying to influence voters translation: this is a reform in the election next year? that we will fight with all our i think it's foremost about doing one's constitutional duty. strengths because we have already had many attacks there was a point in which a lot against our social conditions. this is the last blow, so we must mobilise now or never. of people in the united states authorities are worried a rally planned for thursday afternoon in paris could turn violent, were talking about how this was going to play. and i think that it got so bad, and say they are prepared. and the abuse of power so clear, that if there wasn't a message sent translation: we know there will be that the president couldn't do this a lot of people at the protests, with impunity, he would and we know there are risks. just keep abusing power we are also aware that black blocs in the worst possible ways.
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and it was and is very and radical yellow vests have decided to attend the protests dangerous for the country. so i think that's the first thing, in paris, but not only in paris. is to take a principled stand. this new strike has now, we're are in a position no fixed end date. where he certainly, i think, the difficulties for french will be impeached in the house, people to get to work, to school, and to do business and we need two—thirds of senators to agree to remove him. and, as you say, we're far from that. but now the process begins could continue well into next week. of educating the american people about why this abuse of power is so dangerous to the future of the republic that we have our paris correspondent hugh schofield gave us more detail to remove this president, on what lies behind these strikes. and why really we can't leave it to an election, what's it all about? because what he's doing is threatening to undermine well, in a word: pension reform. the election. and that's the offence president macron promised that we need to remove him for, and an election is not a remedy in his manifesto to lead france when someone's cheating to a fairer, simpler in an election. if you'd like more system in which everyone on the impeachment inquiry, is treated the same. have a look at our website. right now, there are 42 we've lots of detail separate pension systems, and big disparities depending about the process, including this on whether you work for the private piece on the case for — sector, the public sector, and against — impeaching president trump. or one of these privileged special for all that. just bring you some breaking news — cases like the metro or the railways and there's been a shooting at a us where you get to retire a lot military base at pearl harbour younger than everyone else. in hawaii. the problem is, that while a lot latest reports say a gunman — of people agree with the notion believed to be a sailor — of reform, a lot of people
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opened fire shooting dead two people are also very suspicious, before killing himself. they feel they are going to lose it's thought the victims are us military contractors. out, or they want to hit out the he incident comes three days before the 78th anniversary ofthe at president macron for other reasons, simply because they don't dec. 7, 1941 attack on the naval like his so—called neoliberal agenda. that is why the strike is going to be so keenly followed and why for president macron it's base that led the united a key test at the midpoint of his presidency of his capacity to maintain the pace of reform. states into ww2. hugh schofield reporting from paris there. a serious measles outbreak more information as it comes. is still threatening the small huawei is planning to move south pacific island of samoa. its telecoms research authorities have asked from the united states to canada. families who've not been the giant chinese tech company, vaccinated to hang a red flag facing sanctions and criminal outside their homes. charges in the us, is also preparing legal moves to fight back medical teams will then travel against the american regulators door—to—door over the next few days inoculating them. trying to bar it from accessing 60 people have died billions of dollars in federal funds, for services and equipment. robin brant has more from shanghai. of measles in recent weeks. well, second legal effort by huawei to try and use the american justice system to get parts of the american there's not a corner of this country government to overturn decisions, that hasn't been affected by this decisions that have targeted huawei, decisions that huawei outbreak, and people seejust believes are illegal. why it's so important to vaccinate their children. there is demand there, people want to get their children vaccinated, and we do think that's
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going to make a difference. there are a lot of pressures so we had legal action launched on people not to vaccinate in may which was trying to speed up their children, but i think that tide has turned. some kind of decision by the us the pressure now is reversed — to vaccinate their children, which is a good thing. courts against action by us agencies we want to ensure that every child which, based on cyber security in this country is fully vaccinated. concerns, based on the claim that now to one of the most—read stories on our website. huawei is a national security 200 police officers in the us threat, meant that us agencies couldn't buy kit from huawei. are to be trained to use that was in may. a device that can ensnare a target today, in the last half an hour or so, further legal action by wrapping them up in a cord. by huawei in the united states, yes it's all a bit gotham city using the us court of appeals, and batman, but it's happening in which it says the decision in los angeles and officers in la by the federal communications commission, that is the regulatory will start a trial in january. body in the us which oversees civil rights activists huawei's action, it says have raised concerns — the decision made by the fcc some believe it's likely to be which meant that some mobile phone used disproportionately carriers looking to expand in rural areas of america couldn't on minority ethnic communities. use government money — well, the fcc made that decision. now christmas commercials here in the uk are more than just a tradition — they're a big—spending gamble by retailers to win the hearts, and wallets, huawei says it is illegal. of consumers. but this year, a small family—run business in wales is shining more brightly than all the rest. the owners of hafod hardware spentjust over $100 on their effort,
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which has gone viral. it's the time of year when every company wants to sell us that warm, fuzzy feeling. the shop offering plungers and drill huawei says there is no evidence bits is not the first place to substantiate that decision based you would expect to find it, on claims the company but hafod hardware in mid wales has is a national security risk, put itself on the map, and so it's asking the court reminding customers that small, independent shops are there to help too. of appeal to overturn that. the video has already been watched so two fairly technical examples, quite a lot to explain there. tens of thousands of times after going global. huawei asking the courts for a second time in less than a year to overturn decisions that have targeted the company, targeted the company because parts of the us government believe huawei, believes that huawei is a national security threat. the reaction has been incredible, robin, whatever the national we are totally overwhelmed security considerations, with the amount of likes and shares, you do hear people say, don't you, that actually huawei is a pawn the e—mails we have had from all over the world from people in the trade war between the us and china. saying how much they love it and it moving its research operations is quite a big deal, put a smile on their face, isn't it? it is really nice to hear. we're seeing kind of a strategic move by huawei. the star is tom's two—year—old son but also people, american companies, arthur, who tookjust a morning that sell to huawei, sell part of the components that go to deliver his role doing into their smartphones, jobs around the shop. for instance, to try and move some um. . . polish the counter! you like polishing the counter?
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of those manufacturing bases maybe yeah! and cleaning the floor? out of china, maybe out of the us, yeah! you work very hard? yeah. do you think father christmas to other countries that aren't will come and see you? being affected by, say, tariffs being imposed yeah! yeah, you been a good boy? by the united states. yeah. so some of this is political. others is an attempt to essentially protect the supply chain for huawei, so that it can continue to notjust manufacture some of these components, but also sell to some while other companies have spent millions of pounds perfecting their christmas campaigns with focus groups and film crews, this shop made its video of these american companies. with a total budget of £100. this is the third christmas production made by tom and his friend josh. let's get some of it may not bring millions of shoppers to mid wales, the day's other news. but it is delivering germany is expelling two russian diplomats, because it says moscow is being un—cooperative in a murder investigation. this centres around the death a bit of festive cheer. of a georgian man, shot in berlin last august. the german chancellor has said she will raise the matter at the highest level. a reminder of our top story. the impeachment inquiry against us president donald trump there've been candlelit vigils enters a new phase, as us in afghanistan for six constitutional experts argue people, including the head whether there are grounds of a japanese aid agency, killed in a gun attack on a vehicle. doctor tetsu nakamura died on the way to hospital. to remove him from office. the french government is to open a national ‘hate crime' bureau, in response to the latest racist attack in france.
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and you can get in touch with me at least a hundred jewish headstones were painted with swastikas and most of the team at a cemetery near strasbourg, on twitter — i'm @bbcmikeembley. in the north—east. france is home to the biggestjewish and muslim communities in europe, and the surge in hate crime has raised great alarm. some of us have got quite murky conditions to come over the next few hours. the fog patch is to the south—east president trump was in london, for nato's 70th anniversary meeting. of this weather front but if we zoom he left the uk, unusually, out of the uk and look without holding a press conference, at what is upstream of us we can see after a video surfaced showing canada's prime minister apparently the next area of low pressure gossiping and laughing about mr trump with other world leaders. showing its hand and this will bring in response the us president called wet and windy weather justin trudeau ‘two faced'. to the north—west of the uk this report byjohn pienaar. in a few hours time. there are flashing images. for the time being we have showers across the north—west so if you step outside here, worth taking the umbrella. dense fog patches are forming around the thames estuary. we have seen fog at heathrow, around the m25 and some of that is freezing fog with temperatures well below freezing as well. some of these murky conditions, some of the fog patches may well last into the first part of thursday morning, bringing poor travelling
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he needs careful handling and run 00:13:04,348 --> 2147483051:43:17,437 knows it. donald trump, the 2147483051:43:17,437 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 president conditions out and about. but for thursday's weather for the most part, really we're looking at this next weather system moving in and that will bring strong wind with it to the north—west and outbreaks of rain which will quickly spread in across northern ireland and scotland before sinking southwards later in the day into the north of england and wales. in the highlands of scotland we will see the largest accumulations of rain with 70 or 80 millimetres of rain in the forecast here. that is a lot of rain, it's enough to cause localised surface water flooding issues. damp at times in the northern half of the country, after the murky start in the south—east, things should brighten up for a few of us with sunshine around and for most it is a relatively mild day with temperatures widely into double figures. through thursday night we will see the rain push southwards across all of england and wales for a time with all the cloud around and south—westerly wind it's gonna be a very mild night. thursday night into the first part of friday morning for most, temperatures into double figures. a mild start to friday but for quite
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a few of us a wet start as well. it's mild and wet with south—westerly wind later in the day the rain will tend to ease to a mixture of sunshine and showers, north—westerly winds will start to move in bringing cooler air to the north—west of the country and a significant drop in temperature. so later on in the afternoon, five degrees in lenwick, and eight or so for stornoway and aberdeen. still mild further south with highs of 11 or so in london. this weekend we're looking at a ridge of high pressure to start the weekend. later in the weekend we will see the band of rain come through and quite a bit of that might come through overnight. there will be further pulses of rain for sunday. overall, saturday looks like being the better of the two days of the weekend and sunday could see rain at times for many of us. and that's your weather.
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this is bbc news, the headlines:
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the latest stage of the impeachment hearings into donald trump has heard testimony from constitutional experts. three of them, called by the democrats, say the president's actions clearly met the definition of impeachable offences. but a law professor selected by republicans has disagreed. the chinese telecomms giant, huawei, has launched a legal challenge against a decision by us regulators to classify the firm as a national security threat. at a news conference a short time ago, huawei said the ruling wasn't based on evidence. it's also revealed plans to relocate operations from the us to canada. a new vaccine programme combating typhoid is being launched in pakistan. the scheme involves the immunisation of nine million children, in response to a major outbreak of the disease there, where it has become extremely resistant to antibiotics.
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